Getting the most out of treatment

For the best treatment results, keep a few things in mind:

  •  Please try to attend 5 minutes before your appointment is due. It’s not good to be rushed.
  •  Try not to come for treatment on an empty stomach or straight after a heavy meal
  •  Don’t come for treatment under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. Also please refrain from overexertion, alcohol and recreational drugs for several hours after treatment.
  •  Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Many common acupuncture points are on the lower arms and legs so it is helpful to be easily able to access these. Treatment gowns will always be available.
  •  Keep all of your appointments as each visit builds on the previous one.

Your first consultation

Your first consultation will be the longest and will last between 1½ and 2 hours.This is because Ian needs to build up a picture of your health and lifestyle and so needs to ask many questions about your current symptoms and your medical history, as well as such things as your appetite and digestion, sleeping pattern and your emotional wellbeing. Women are also asked about their menstrual cycle and any past pregnancies and childbirth.

You should mention any medication that you are taking and whether you have tried any other therapies.

Ian will ask a number of questions about your health and lifestyle, many of which may seem unrelated to your main reason for seeking acupuncture. The questions, however, are linked together and your answers provide valuable input into the diagnostic process. Along with pulse and tongue diagnosis, asking about your health and family history allows your practitioner to create a unique treatment plan for you as an individual. This taking into account a wide variety of signs and symptoms is the key to the success of acupuncture and your practitioner’s ability to treat conditions where other methods may have failed.

There will generally be time for treatment at the end of the first consultation.

Lifestyle advice

Ian may be able to suggest ways in which you can enhance the long-term effects of your treatment. This may sometimes involve making changes to your diet and daily routine.

Follow up treatments

Follow up treatment sessions will be shorter and last around 45 minutes to 1 hr. How often you will need treatment depends upon your individual needs, your major complaint and its duration. For average conditions, I recommend one treatment at least once a week preferably at least four to six consecutive weeks. Most conditions show significant improvement within three to twelve sessions.

For further information or any queries please contact Ian on 0788 426 7576 or go to the Contact Page and fill in your details.